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Client Testimonials

We hired The Chaos Group of Canada to train our team on the “Security Awareness Certification”. It was a full day intensive funded by the COJG. The team found the training quite “eye opening”. This lead us to begin the process of establishing new policies to help us deal with the new/current issues at hand. Truth is, you just don’t know what you don’t know. And trust me, better to know. We highly recommend The Chaos Group!

Nancy Houle

COO, Business Training Pros

We hired The Chaos Group of Canada to perform a workplace investigations. They performed an effective and fair workplace investigation with results in a solid conclusion. They help us take decisive and appropriate action . We highly recommend The Chaos Group of Canada!

Anil Gajjar,

Owner, Subway #33418

Natural Disasters

Avoid the risks and dangers associated with taking on new employees – and get a better handle on those staff members that may be giving you cause for concern. Social media mining provides a rich source of information on prospective and current employees. The technology can be utilized as a background process, or to navigate through HR related issues, ranging from employee dishonesty to workplace violence. Above all, social media documents also serve to provide relevant information that can greatly assist in the background screening of job applicants.

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Criminal & Terrorist Activities

The Chaos Groups Cyber Security & ISO (Information Security Officer) program is designed for organizations that need someone to take responsibility for the growth of the information security program but don’t need a full-time, ISO.  Hiring an ISO is expensive, The Chaos Group of Canada provides everything you need at a fraction of the cost.

What’s included in our ISO program?

With ISO, any security service The Chaos Group of Canada offers is immediately available to you. Typically, organizations engage The Chaos Group of Canada’s ISO to add security expertise and guidance to their team, either on their security steering committee, IT steering committee, or similar.

The Chaos Group of Canada’s ISO can include as little as a few hours per month of guidance.  It is a perfect way for organizations to keep security professionals engaged with their team without the cost of hiring a security employee.

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Pandemics & Epidemics

No claims investigation is complete without social media monitoring. Today, it is an invaluable tool in the investigation into medical fraud, auto collisions and suspicious property claims. With it, we can help our clients effectively prove/disprove cases, strategically deploying physical surveillance where required. Our Special Investigations Units (SIUs) also use this technology to identify witnesses and build rock-solid cases for staged accidents, fraudulent claims and vendor fraud.

Social intelligence is also in invaluable legal resource. Legal professionals, paralegals and lawyers are all confronted with a myriad of client issues that require strong support data and relevant, recent information that are delivered quickly. Social media investigations greatly assist in substantiating legal cases, ranging from defamation of character to corporate litigation.

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