Employment Screening

Employment-screening solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Organizations today are under constant attack. In the event of a breach, data theft or corporate espionage, businesses face questions that only qualified forensic examiners can answer.

Beyond understanding how an event occurred, our forensic examiners support your business with complex compliance and legal issues, and litigation matters. Our experience extends into both cyber-attack response scenarios, and legal proceedings of both a criminal and civil nature. Our management team has a combined 30 years of forensic experience.

The Chaos Group of Canada has an in-depth understanding of procuring background screening information throughout the provinces and territories, with specific adherence to Canadian federal and provincial laws.

The Chaos Group of Canada can efficiently provide background checks for employers with Canadian locations or a need to background screen an individual with a residential or educational history in Canada

The Chaos Group of Canada background check services include:

  • Indication of criminal record searches
  • Individual credit reports
  • Education and employment verification
  • Professional licenses and certification verification
  • Reference interviews
  • Driver record abstracts (except Alberta)
  • Civil and bankruptcy record searches
  • Lien and property searches
  • Internet and media presence searches
  • Corporate registration searches
  • International terrorism, financial, and political sanctions searches


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