Threat Monitoring Service

Protect your data from hackers, insider threats, and corporate espionge
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Threat Monitoring Service

We Monitor, Analyze, And Respond!

  • Threat Awareness & Training

New employee orientations and continual refresher training can equip the workforce with the skills needed to understand who your company’s adversaries are, identify threats, and follow reporting procedures for suspicious activities. A highly trained and aware workforce is key to the early detection of potential threats. Companies should utilize a CI-specific non-disclosure agreement before divulging their threat and vulnerabilities.

  • We Monitor, Analze, & Respond

An analysis, reporting, and response capability can integrate resources and information from across relevant corporate elements (CI, security, IA, HR, general counsel) and provide assessments and warning on data that may be indicative of a threat. Mature CI programs will also want to incorporate risk assessments related to sensitive acquisitions into this analytic and reporting process.

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting

Defining, training the workforce, and developing company reporting policies on suspicious activities that are deemed inappropriate or potentially threatening could provide an effective “early warning system” of potential threats to your employees or company.

  • Adversarial Simulation

A CI audit capability would enable your company to monitor user activity on corporate IT systems. This would help to identify anomalous behavior, deter the theft or unauthorized use of company information, and protect the company from network intrusions.