Our Capabilities: Risk Assessments & Counterintelligence

Mitigating the risk of loss

as part of the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC), we produce information of value that ensures compliance to a client’s company regulations and efficient governance. Our all-encompassing, integrated approach incorporates your organization’s needs in risk tolerance, internal policies and regulatory requirements of the day.
Our clients are provided with real-time GRC executive reports that address risks and compliance. Our risk management services cost a fraction of what you would pay for in house and include access to specialists who have vast experience in your industry and serve your unique needs.

Small to medium-sized enterprises find our custom-tailored services cost-effective, due to the use of pre-built components and industry recognized frameworks. Large enterprises looking for unique risk management solutions will find a reliable third-party partner without the overhead costs of a full-time hire. 

The Chaos Group of Canada Counterintelligence Program: 

  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • Threat Monitoring & Response
  • Threat intelligence Analysis, & Reporting 
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring & Reporting
  • CounterIntelligence Audit
  • CI Investigations & Counter Surveillance
  • Threat Awareness & Training