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Executive Protection & Travel Security Program

Executives may need protection from workplace violence issues relating to layoffs, terminations or disgruntled employees. Corporate heads may need to travel to dangerous or unstable environments. No matter the situation, The Chaos Group of Canada has the solutions and experience to provide reliable protection for CEOs, Boards of Directors and other corporate leaders.

We help you create security strategies and detailed plans that deter and reduce threats. As needed, our Executive Protection Services can include:

  • Threat Risk Assessments
  • Protective Intelligence Reports & Investigations
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Travel Security Training & Anti-kidnapping Strategies
  •  GEO Fencing & GSP Tracking
  • Equipment coordination, logistics, and Concierge Desk
  • Drivers & Route Planning
  • Close Protection & under Cover Officers

Concierge Desk

Extensive experience and time in the industry has taught us how to create effective highly personalized security services. We provide each client individual attention throughout the process of assessment, design, and implementation of their security services.

We recognize that every client is different and we formed relationships with different banks, in-port / export shipping companies, five star resorts, hotels, luxury travel brokers, transportation services, and numerous other vendors to accomplish the needs of our clients.

Social Media & Dark Web Monitoring

The Chaos Group of Canada helps you to protect your executives and VIPs by rapidly identifying cyber and physical risks across social media. Our team enables you to gain real-world situational awareness by directly interacting with the social networks and digital platforms to collect data and quickly identify risky or threatening content, be it an outgoing risk or an incoming threat; across the world or just a block away.

Executive & VIP Protection is ideal for corporate security and executive protection teams who need to extend visibility and situational awareness to the social & digital world, enabling them to best safeguard their executives or other high-value people, such as public figures, talent, celebrities, athletes.

VIP & Corporate Event Security

Corporate events are often high-profile affairs, and THE CHAOS GROUP OF CANADA can be relied on to ensure executives who attend these unique events feel safe and secure. Whether the event is an annual shareholder meeting, a product or service announcement, an executive retreat, or a corporate celebration, THE CHAOS GROUP OF CANADA can be relied on to deliver special response security.

Successful event security depends on planning, and experienced THE CHAOS GROUP OF CANADA protection specialists will conduct advanced risk assessments and develop a contingency plan. The plan will coordinate logistics with the venue’s special event security and other stakeholders. Access control and perimeter security monitoring as well as the security of designated VIP rooms and parking areas will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary. The contingency plan will also include actions to be taken should an emergency occur, including immediate response protocols.

THE CHAOS GROUP OF CANADA will supply fully-trained plain-clothes event security personnel as necessary. The on-site team can coordinate with law enforcement and emergency response service providers.

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