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Private Investigators work independently and in cooperation with Law Enforcing offices. They provide their services to clients who hire them. The majority of the work they do is similar to that of a Detective, often conducting investigations on missing people, doing background checks on people, and researching information on legal, financial, or criminal investigation. 

Employee Screening & Background Investigations

The Chaos Group of Canada has an in-depth understanding of procuring background screening information throughout the provinces and territories, with specific adherence to Canadian federal and provincial laws.

The Chaos Group of Canada can efficiently provide background checks for employers with Canadian locations or a need to background screen an individual with a residential or educational history in Canada

The Chaos Group of Canada background check services include:

  • Indication of criminal record searches
  • Individual credit reports
  • Education and employment verification
  • Professional licenses and certification verification
  • Reference interviews
  • Driver record abstracts (except Alberta)
  • Civil and bankruptcy record searches
  • Lien and property searches
  • Internet and media presence searches
  • Corporate registration searches
  • International terrorism, financial, and political sanctions searches
  • Social Media Foot Print


This service is about interviewing subjects, witnesses, and victims. We take their statements and utilize different tools and processes to accumulate information and prepare legal documentation.

We offer powerful strategies to clear cases and get truthful admissions. We can help your team with:

  • Room Setting and Preparation
  • Interpretation of Verbal and Physical Behavior
  • Handling Denials
  • Obtaining the Admission
  • The WZ Non-Confrontational Method
  • Participatory Approach
  • Enticement Questions
  • The Written or Recorded Confession

The Chaos Group is trained and well versed in the understanding of legal aspects of interviewing and proficiency in interview preparation, behavioral, analysis, accusatory and non-accusatory interviewing, documentation, and presentation of findings. This approach is applicable in any investigation where the investigator seeks the truth from the subject, i.e. an employee who is involved in theft from the warehouse, violating various rules or regulations pertaining to their job, harassing other employees, or any other violation that comes into question.


Employers in need of a neutral party for a workplace investigation often need help in such areas as forensic investigation, evidence collection, forensic interviewing, and more. We’re ready to investigate intellectual property theft, accounting irregularities, embezzlement, kickbacks, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act [bribery] violations, insider trading, counterfeiting and countless other types of fraud.

Our forensic specialists are experienced in fraud, insurance and human rights investigations and have thorough knowledge of all relevant legislation and over 20 years of working both in government and corporate cultures. We conduct our work discreetly and objectively, using vast experience in such areas as forensic interviewing and evidence gathering. Our reports are geared towards the department requesting help, be it technical or C level, and we adjust the content/reporting accordingly.

When you need a Private Investigator to:

  • Gather evidence for use as evidence in court
  • Provide Expert Testimony
  • Offer Litigation Support and Electronic Discovery
  • Conduct Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Investigate inappropriate conduct
  • Secure, Recover and Analyse Data
  • Conduct Social Media Investigations
  • Conduct Employee Investigations
  • Insurance Claims
  • Offer Consultancy plus much more!

When the work is completed, we work with your legal counsel to determine severity of a situation; whether an honest mistake, a minor misconduct or an act of criminal nature took place, we support our clients throughout the investigation.


Covert surveillance is carried out without the subject’s knowledge whereas overt surveillance is performed using devices that are visible and obvious such as cameras, GPS tracking systems, etc.

Do you need video or photo evidence? We can help you by providing surveillance to help collect the evidence you need. Surveillance is typically used as part of an investigation into workplace crime, insurance fraud and private sector.

The Chaos Group is fully licenced and compliant with Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services under the authority of Section 11 of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 requirements.

Any evidence collected as part of the investigation, including photography and/or video evidence, records, and/or logs are available upon request and may be used in court.

We work with Corporations, Law Firms, HR Departments, IT Departments, Insurance Companies and in some cases we will accept “private work” for a select portfolio of clients.

We work with Corporations, Law Firms, HR Departments, IT Departments, Insurance Companies and in some cases, we will accept “private work” for a select portfolio of clients.

To talk to a Private Investigator contact us today Toronto 416-915-4238 | Toll-free phone: 1-855-479-6575

To talk to a Private Investigator

Contact Us Today Toronto 416-915-4238 | Toll-free phone: 1-855-479-6575