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The Chaos Group of Canada Threat Monitoring & Alerting service tracks global threats and alerts on Natural Disasters, Pandemics, Cyber Incidents, including Criminal and terrorist activities (adversaries such as nation-states, criminals, and hacktivist) around the globe providing you with actionable intelligence and alerting. The Chaos Group of Canada threat intelligence gives you strategic and tactical analysis to better understand threats and their motives, anticipate their actions, and prevent them from causing harm to your business and people.

Brand Protection

Protect your business from revenue-damaging threats to your brand, your hard-earned social presence and your engaged customers on social media & digital platforms. Brand protection secures your organization against critical issues like brand impersonation accounts and financial scams targeting customers, in which attackers exploit brand logos, messaging and product photos to defraud customers. Brand Protection is ideal for brand managers, marketing teams and security teams addressing external threats to their reputation, online brand, and customer engagement.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Service

The Chaos Group of Canada has an in-depth understanding of procuring background screening information throughout the provinces and territories, with specific adherence to Canadian federal and provincial laws.

The Chaos Group of Canada can efficiently provide background checks for employers with Canadian locations or a need to background screen an individual with a residential or educational history in Canada

The Chaos Group of Canada background check services include:

  • Indication of criminal record searches
  • Individual credit reports
  • Education and employment verification
  • Professional licenses and certification verification
  • Reference interviews
  • Driver record abstracts (except Alberta)
  • Civil and bankruptcy record searches
  • Lien and property searches
  • Internet and media presence searches
  • Corporate registration searches
  • International terrorism, financial, and political sanctions searches
  • Social Media Foot Print

Corporate Counterintelligence Service 

Corporate Counterintelligence can best be defined as a collective effort to protect business’ sensitive information from unauthorized access, sabotage or theft.

When you need a counterintelligence operator to:

  • To identify and investigate cybercriminals trying to target your organization or agency
  • To conduct cyber counterintelligence missions and provide actionable intelligence to mitigate the threat
  • Threat Risk Assessments 
  • Threat Analysis, Reporting & Response
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting & insider threats detection 
  • Conduct Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Investigate inappropriate conduct
  •  CI Audits
  •  Threat Awareness Training

When the work is completed, we work with your legal counsel to determine severity of a situation; whether an honest mistake, a minor misconduct or an act of criminal nature took place, we support our clients throughout the investigation.

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