This is one of 3 Fridays that fall on the 13th day of the month in 2017. In honor of this one, we thought we’d take a look at tech’s dark side. Remember, these outcomes are only speculation. But they are also food for thought…

  • Are we smart enough to survive intelligent technology?

AI is on the threshold of rivalling and possibly exceeding human intelligence. As such it will become increasingly unpredictable. Does that make it our friend or foe?

  • Are we on the verge of a robot apocalypse?

How far away are we from the scenario portrayed in the movie I Robot, and, without Will Smith or Isaac Asimov to save us? Today, we are seeing the development of machines that more and more closely resemble humans and that are endowed with increasingly sophisticated AI. A blessing or an affliction: what do you think?

  • Just how far can we go with DNA hacking?

Beautiful, healthy babies every time and a disease free world represent the warm fuzzy side of DNA manipulation. And, these achievements are still very much on the technological horizon. But, if we can achieve these outcomes, what about personalised, biological weapons designed to target specific individuals?

  • Does surveillance make you safer?

Are we entering Orwell’s 1984? Internet cookies, government metadata collection and GPS trackers are hovering over our shoulder: could Big Brother be far behind? How much privacy do you have in the digital age?

  • Where is Tech leading us in times of war?

For many years now, tech has played an important part in warfare. Today, cyber warfare targets include government networks and computers. Drone attacks are a developing technology. War becomes increasingly less personal and humans are considerably less engaged, safe behind a computer monitor. Consider the potential… .

Kevin Kinsella