Security Awareness Training

Protect yourself from data breaches with Security Awareness Training!



A well-planned security program is only effective when its end users are proactive and vigilant. In a layered approach, a security program is an integral part of organizational culture, and each member is aware of the mechanisms and procedures that help protect the company’s assets. Learn how to audit your existing security program including an assessment of human, facility and network vulnerabilities; design a sustainable plan for multiple security controls that are robust and all-encompassing.


Our industry certified instructors bring years of field experience and unparalleled technical expertise to offer ISO/IEC 27000X – and PCI – compliant training to small businesses, medium to large enterprises and government agencies. Using both proactive and defensive approach, we’ll give you the right tools to protect and design your security controls, as well as plan, prevent and mitigate the loss of your assets and data. Learn to prevent, counter, and mitigate insider threat, proprietary information leakage, information security breaches, competitor infiltration, and business espionage.

In this one day training course, you will learn about:

  • Information security policies
  • Data classification and control
  • Clean desk policy
  • Password guidelines
  • Internet usage & Social Media
  • Communications security (E-mail, Phone, Social media)
  • Information disposal and archival
  • Social engineering and phishing
  • Incident reporting and Investigations
  • Monitoring and Compliance
  • Post-employment security measures

Who should take this course:

This course is designed for anyone requiring security awareness training in compliance with the industry standards (such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Requirement 12.6), improve their security posture, and reduce common risks. Business executives and owners can learn how to design/modify their security policy material, protect their assets, manage personnel security around new and exiting employees, detect and mitigate common threats. Employees requiring training in handling proprietary information, remote work security and best practices in digital security.


At the end of the course, students will be required to take a test dealing with organisation-specific security compliance. A minimum passing mark of 70 percent must be achieved in order to earn a Certificate in Security Awareness. Each student will take home a training manual and collateral material at the end of the course. The organisation will receive a Security Compliance manual.

Tuition fees:

Regular tuition fee is $500 per person, and $5,000 per day per group of 10 people. Larger groups can be granted a group rate, depending on a size of a group. Please discuss the fee schedule with your account manager so that we can accommodate your budget.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

To determine if your company qualifies to cover the cost of this program, click here.

Want to learn more!

Our team of seasoned security professionals will help your organization meet your security objectives by offering training in various areas of corporate, personal and cyber security. We offer general security awareness training, as well as training solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. The Chaos Group will accommodate your budget, industry-specific needs and the size of your class.

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