24/7 Security Operations Center 

The Chaos Group of Canada’s Threat Monitoring & Alerting service tracks global threats and alerts on Natural Disasters, Pandemics, Cyber Incidents, including Criminal and terrorist activities (adversaries such as nation-states, criminals, and hacktivist) around the globe providing you with actionable intelligence and alerting.

The Chaos Group of Canada threat intelligence gives you strategic and tactical analysis to better understand threats and their motives, anticipate their actions, and prevent them from causing harm to your business and people. 


Keeping watch over your brand across a constantly growing number of digital channels worldwide is hard. And with the complexity of online threats increasing, monitoring and safeguarding your brand online is more challenging than ever. Knowing how other parties are infringing on your brand, and taking action to enforce your rights, is critical for maintaining your brand’s integrity. 

The Chaos Group of Canada has a 24-hour monitoring team uses a variety of tools to keep track of your brand’s online health, and we also conduct manual searches regularly to ensure no potential threats slip through the cracks. We can help you develop a brand protection strategy that includes what to monitor and where, and provide online brand monitoring services customized to fit your business and brand.


The Chaos Group of Canada helps you to protect your executives and VIPs by rapidly identifying cyber and physical risks across social media. Our team enables you to gain real-world situational awareness by directly interacting with the social networks and digital platforms to collect data and quickly identify risky or threatening content, be it an outgoing risk or an incoming threat; across the world or just a block away.

We find and analyze online threats such as impersonators, fake websites, negative reviews and hate comments to see their threat levels, authenticity, and motives. Our Cyber Intelligence professional can investigate and collect evidence if further action needs to be taken. We also keep an eye on all platforms, including the dark web, to ensure your private and secure information isn’t being spread around online.


If any potential threats pass through your protective barriers, you can feel safe knowing you have a team of Cyber Security Experts, Intelligence Analysts and Private Investigators on your side. We can create an emergency plan of action, find threat actors and hackers, and collect evidence for you to take to court. Since we are already on your side, we can step in immediately and work on your case.


Ensure your business and your executives are safe and secure from all kinds of threats and contact the industry leaders, The Chaos Group of Canada Today!

Kevin Kinsella